LFL # 35 => Power – Use or Misuse?

Sunny Uncle initially started writing dramas but he did not have the financial means either to produce or direct the play given all that was happening in his daily life. But, he took great pride in his work and always believed that stage dramas was an excellent outlet to educate society on current day issues.

One evening, he invited me to his show and the audiences were overjoyed with the message. However, as credits were being announced, the writer of the show was credited to another individual and Sunny Uncle’s name was only announced as the Director of the play. I was not happy and being in my teens, I was also agitated. I waited till the end, as I had to ride back with him for the night. On my way home, I asked him as to why someone else got the credit as the writer when in fact he had written the play. He tried to change the topic, as he was not keen on talking about it. I insisted and then he explained that life is not always fair and at times, one has to learn to sacrifice one’s commendation, if the end goal is to achieve something bigger. He added that money and destiny are both equally important in one’s success in life. Some have all while others have some and many others have none. At this point in his life, money was more important to manage his own drama shows in the future than a name to his face at this point. Then, he continued, “Our world being commercial, we always find buyers and sellers, isn’t it”.

I nodded and said, “Yes.”

He looked at me and said that taking advantage of someone using money and power existed in the past, is present today and would always be there in the future. But, as a human being, you have to make that choice based on the circumstances. And, so I made mine because I believe my time will come. I have to be disciplined and patient as well as resilient.

It was past midnight and the cold breeze was slamming against my face, as we were driving in the auto rickshaw. “So, what do you think now?” he asked me and I smiled and said, “I don’t know how I would handle the story in the future but I am fortunate to have you around me.”

He looked at me and said, “Just learn to be fair and honest in your dealings irrespective of the circumstances. Don’t worry about anything else and remember to never sell your soul.”

Over the course of the years, he finally achieved his dream of managing his own shows and he ensured that his team members received their due credits.


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2 thoughts on “LFL # 35 => Power – Use or Misuse?”

  1. Lovely insight on the sacrifices one has to make to achieve their goal. It’s always good to keep the goal and big picture in mind. Then these kind of things seem trivial.


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