Fruity Kisses

I remember the first time I tasted Tequila and it was with my best friend at our university reunion. We were hesitant at first, however, the server gave us salt and lime to go with it and explained to us how to consume it. We were impressed with the smooth smoked oak flavour of Tequila highlighted by salt and lime on the other hand.

Today, I tried to experiment this flavour with different juices and soaked tukmaria seed. The results were wonderful with the smooth flavour of tequila mixed with sweet flavour from mango and citrusy flavour from orange. To that, I added the healthy tukmaria seeds which blend very well in this cocktail.

Ladies and Gentlemen – we present to you today Tangy Tequila!


  • 1/2 shot Tequila (*1 shot instead of 1/2 shot for a stronger cocktail)
  • 4 shots mango juice
  • 3 shots orange juice
  • 1 tsp tukmaria (sabja seed soaked for an hour)* ( optional)
  • 1 glazed cherry
  • Ice cubes as desired


  1. Mix ice, vodka, both the juices and tukmaria seeds in the cocktail mixer and shake it well
  2. Pour into glass and serve with sweet glazed cherries*

Cheers !!


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