LFL # 15 => Life Is What You Make Of It

Uncle and I loved chatting for hours together on several topics. During one of our busy days, I asked him about his view of life and how he managed to balance so many activities in his life. Since he had his drama show the next day, he offered to continue the conversation after the show was completed.

The next day, I accompanied him to the theatre well ahead of time, as he always ensured that the stage was set-up and all technicians were on their marked positions. As the preparations were going on, he invited me back stage and there was so much commotion, and everyone wanted things to be done right away. After an hour or so, things started to settle down and artists and technicians slowed down.

Finally, the play started and I sat down next to Uncle along with the sound, light and music technicians and it was so serene. During the break, he asked me if I experienced life today. I was lost and looked at him puzzled.

He explained that people enjoy both forms of life and we should not judge anybody based on their choices. Later, he added that I could have a life like the one we saw backstage or a life in the front row seat or probably a mix of both. He said that how I planned and organized would help me enjoy for the rest of my life and cautioned that there are peaks and valleys throughout the journey. After a while, all curves would eventually look like a straight road once I started to enjoy my life.


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