LFL # 18 =>Live With Gratitude

One day while driving home back from work, my wife explained that she had one of her toughest days at work and there was intense pressure throughout the day. The environment was not supportive and she was only finding reasons to whine. I listened to her patiently and tried to help her ease out of the situation but to no avail.

We have a mall in the vicinity close to our home and we decided to shop, as it’s an old age formula for diversion of the mind, however, this option also failed. We finished our shopping and agreed to meet near the car, as I had to carry the shopping bag to the car and my wife had to make a last minute purchase. However, when she arrived at our car, I saw her smiling and asked her for the reason. She explained that as she neared the exit, a young woman came in front of her and my wife was forced to stop so that she could make way for the woman. At that moment, my wife who was still upset looked at that woman in anger and within a few seconds, she suddenly realized why that woman had stopped in front of her. She had her handicapped child in a wheelchair and she was wiping the sweat of the child’s face and the woman was cajoling her child. The woman was engulfed in the moment and was bonding and sharing her love with the child. At that point, my wife realized that it’s important to slow down and reflect than to always keep charging from one situation to another.

She was moved by the woman’s action and realized that life has so many struggles. Yet, we take for granted the hard work and efforts of our parents that raised us to be where we are in our lives. More than often, we fail to appreciate what we have and look for a variety of reasons to complain rather than be happy with what we have. I ended by saying to her that dissatisfaction in life is sowing the first seeds of depression. Finally, she calmed down and thanked God for blessing her with an amazing life.


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