LFL # 25 => Embrace The Beauty Of Creativity

One evening, Uncle and I headed out to watch a Marathi play and on our way home, I asked him how did theatre become a part of his life. He explained that after the doctors were compelled to amputate his leg above the knee, he cried bitterly that night and was at a complete loss. He was a natural fighter and wanted a meaningful life without being dependent on others. A few nights later, he decided that writing would be the bridge to his new world. He knew lack of education was one of his drawbacks but in order to compensate for it, he constantly read and met people to generate new ideas. And thus began his journey of writing small articles on social issues, responding to Q&A and then, gradually progressed to writing, directing and producing dramas.

He told me that creativity exists in all of us and some of us are fortunate that either someone or we discover it in the early stages of our lives. Once we find it, we must explore to identify how we can channel this energy. Some of us are caught up in our own whirlpool and refuse to open a new door due to lack of resources. And many others like him cannot enter in the creative world, as they have family priorities. But, he decided to make time in his daily routine and chose not to wait until retirement to start a new world in the field of theatre.

He said there are times in our lives when we reach boredom either on a personal or professional level. We feel there is nothing more than we can offer either to others around us or to ourselves. He explained that by embracing the beauty of creativity whole-heartedly, one could be of service to others and open a new door that seemed impossible at the outset. More often than not, people associate creativity to artistic talents only. But the reality is, it can be utilized in our daily lives at any place and at any point in time. Even in our current field of work, we can be creative in our approach in finding solutions. He added that once you learn how to induce creativity as a natural step in your daily life, you would experience a unique calmness, which will help you manage your life more effectively. You will learn to cut through the noise, never follow the herd and make your own pathway.


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1 thought on “LFL # 25 => Embrace The Beauty Of Creativity”

  1. This was sooo inspiring… my gawd… I love this… I feel all motivated and ready to channel my creative energy… beautiful read… thanks for sharing…


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