Lobo’s Kitchen

Welcome to Lobo’s Kitchen.

Just like our other interests, we are equally passionate of our culinary skills. Our members were exposed to the kitchen from an early age, watching their elders i.e. grandmas, moms, uncles, and parents, working behind the scenes with love and care to provide delicious and nutritious home cooked-food to the family and showing us how to live within our budgets.

Enriched by their knowledge and with an enthusiastic curiosity from our members, we initially began with Indian cuisine and later reached out to a world of International cuisines. We love experimenting, trying our hands at new dishes and arriving at unique blends of our very own signature dishes.

In this section, we will share with you our passions for simple yet appetizing and mouthwatering food from Lobo Universe’s Kitchen. We hope these recipes allow you to enjoy our favourite dishes.

Thanks for visiting this page.

Bon appetit!

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