LFL # 2 -> Don’t Let Your Legacy Impede Your Progress

Learning of Life 2Uncle and I enjoyed watching theatre and decided to watch a Marathi play. As we traversed through the city, we saw people from all walks of life and we had our own share of experiences. The both of us would always indulge on different subjects and so, I couldn’t resist myself from asking him this question, “Why do we have different starting points in life?” Basically, some are born in rich families while others are born in poor families.
He paused for a few minutes and then, he turned around and said, “Look at nature and you will find the answer. The tides in the sea, the roads that we walk, the assimilation of the waters from the lakes and the oceans and lo, you will comprehend.” Being his prodigy, I was still unhappy with his response and he said, “You are going to make me work hard today.”
I smiled mischievously ,”Yes” came the immediate reply.
He took a deep breath and said ,”I came from the village to the city and you now have a choice to give your children a better starting point.” And then, he continued further. “Having everything in life increases the probability of making you complacent but by having nothing, you have the choice of working for everything and with passing time, you will admire your achievements. You are blessed to have this opportunity, so don’t lose it and make me proud.”

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