LFL#16 => Time and Place for Everything

I was discussing with my daughter about school last week. In the midst of our conversation, she started telling me that some boys had started making frequent visits at her lunch table. She looked at me and I asked her, “Have you been invited out?”

She replied, “No, not yet.”

I asked her, “ Are your friends dating?” She said that some are while others are thinking about it. I inquired if she felt left out.

She turned the table on me. “When did you start dating mama?” she inquired.

I told her, “I met her in Grade 11 but we never really dated until we both started working. But your mother did a good job of staying in touch and she used to write letters to me diligently even after we installed the telephone a few years later and I would do the same.”

She asked me why I did not start dating earlier?

I told her that grandmother and I loved each other dearly and so love was in abundance for me.

She replied if we can keep talking about any topic and as long as I keep loving her, it would be difficult for a boy to breakthrough between us. She laughed and said, “There’s a time for everything and studies are more important than boys right now. You have taught me to be different and my friends don’t influence my decision making. Some of my friends also share my viewpoint but not all. I am enjoying this journey and now I am staying focused. Love will happen in its due course and if I find good boys along the way, I will stay in touch with them.”


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