LFL # 21 => Save before you spend

Like most kids in the good old days, I started doing groceries and buying fish and meat at an early age. One day, my aunt Monica came to visit grandma and asked me to do some groceries for her. She handed me the money and gave me a list of items to purchase. At the end of the conversation, she gave me additional money to take an auto rickshaw back to her home from the station, as it would be more than 2 bags of vegetables, fish and meat.

In the following week, I made all the purchases and changed my mind of how to reach her home. I took the bus and walked about 15 minutes with the two bags. I rang the bell and she welcomed me home. The first question she asked me was how I travelled from the train station? I said to her, “I’ll tell you in a minute and she immediately served me a glass of Rasna (cold drink).

I told her that I could manage walking with the bags all though they were a little heavy. She was upset that I did not follow her instructions and carried that weight for quite a distance. I told her that I was used to doing more than that and she should not feel bad. I gave her the balance money and she said, “No, this is yours.”

I replied, “I can’t accept it.”

She looked at me sternly and said, “You worked hard for it and so it belongs to you.” Then, she continued that you are saving money for your education, isn’t it?

I nodded and said, “Yes.” I can’t expect Mai and Uncle to foot the bill any further.

She smiled at me and said that it’s important to learn to save before you learn to spend. But more than that, don’t take life for granted, especially the contributions of the ones that raise and love you.”

I thanked her and she replied, “Don’t thank me yet, as the hill is steeper ahead.” Teach your children to be not like you but better than you and share what Mai, Uncle and I have taught you.

We hugged each other and I kissed her on the cheek. Then, she placed her palm on my forehead and said, “God bless you.”


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