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LFL # 4 -> Need Life Balance – How To Achieve It?

LFL - 4Uncle and I were out on a family visit and all we heard were complaints from others about life. Then, on our journey returning home, I asked him, “Why do people have so many problems?”
He said, “Our life is an ensemble of three or four components depending on our situation – Health, Financial, Familial and Professional. Each of these plays an important role in our lives, as they need independent attention and yet they are all interrelated. When we give one of them a higher percentage of our time, we tend to neglect the remaining components, which creates friction.
If we are unable to maintain equipoise in our lives, we create imbalances. This leads to situations, which we do not anticipate. In this mad rush or shall I say, ‘Race against time approach to life’, we create unwanted stress and pressure, not only for ourselves but also for the people around us.
He explained further that reaching equipoise is extremely difficult, as life is full of surprises and one can only anticipate and plan for so much. But once one acquires the goal of equilibrium and masters the art, one will find good health and peace. This is your key to happiness and after you have experienced it, you will never trade it for anything else in life.

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