LFL #13 => Love and Friendship

LFL-13 – Love and Friendship

 Uncle had a wide circle of friends both personally and professionally and I always wondered how he managed going to work, doing theatre as well as writing articles for local newspapers. It appeared as if he created time to make things happen. One early morning, we boarded the train to downtown, as it was our day to spend some time together and do some shopping.

As the train departed the station, I mustered the courage to ask him what was always on my mind, “Why did you not get married?”

He looked at me and chuckled. Then, he changed the topic and a few minutes later, I made another attempt. This time, he became serious and said, “First of all, I need to look after your family, as other children in the family are marching ahead in life. Secondly, who would get married to me?”

I replied, “I will never be able to repay what you have done for us. On the other hand, that’s not true, for a lot of people love you for who you are, isn’t it?

He nodded.

I asked him, “You must have gotten marriage proposals too?”

He confirmed and then, added immediately, “I declined.”

“Do you miss having someone by your side in good times and in bad?”

He replied, “I have a lot of friends, but I am careful with whom I share and how much?”

Then, I added, “Trusting people is difficult.”

He nodded and continued, “Love is beautiful and it cuts many boundaries but most of the times we ration it and are worried about expectations. You can either love selfishly because our world is so transactional or you can be selfless in your love and expect nothing in return. In today’s world, having true friends is difficult, as people change with time due to various reasons or bonds that are difficult to unwind. But just remember one thing in life, ‘If you cannot give joy to your friends, then make every attempt to give them no pain. If you can’t be fair, then please don’t be unfair to them.’”

Love can be a one-way highway or a two way street. While others join you for a short expedition and switch trains faster than the change of seasons but true friends will love you and remain steadfast with you till the end of your journey, as we have one life and we get only one shot at it.


 Please share with your families and friends.

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