Rum Balls

Ingredients: (Make 95 balls)

  • ½ cup rum*
  • 2 tin condensed milk
  • 5 cup non-sweet desiccated coconut (not powdered)
  • 15 tbsp. (heap) of powdered biscuit (either Maria or Arrowroot)*
  • 6 tbsp. (heap) of Cocoa powder
  • ½ cup Chocolate or multicoloured sprinkles for decoration (optional)

How to make Rum Balls:

    1. Powder the biscuits in a food processor and keep aside.
    2. Pour condensed milk into a bowl, add cocoa powder and 8 tbsp. of rum and mix well with a big wooden spoon;
    3. Add coconut and mix well. The batter could be sticky now;
    4. Now add powdered biscuit and form into pliable dough. If the dough is very dry then add a little rum, if the dough is very sticky add more powdered biscuit and a little cocoa powder.
    5. Shape into balls, roll in a little rum and dry coarse coconut and keep aside on a greased plate for around 3-4 hours to dry it out. **
    6. Place them in a box and then into a refrigerator. It should be consumed within a month.


  • You can use any rum. I used Bacardi dark rum;
  • You can use any biscuits. I used Maria biscuits;
  • After about an hour move them around in case they are stuck to the plate.
  • You can roll them in sprinkles for decoration or dry coconut prior to serving or consuming.
  • If you want half the quantity, then divide the ingredients into half

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