LFL # 22 => Open Your Mind

Last week, one of my ex-colleagues was eager to meet me, as she was sad and disappointed with her current situation at work. So, we started talking about home, family and work. After sharing how she was being treated at work, she started weeping. I hugged her and said, “Calm down, every problem has a solution. Just talk to me.”

I listened to her patiently for about 10 minutes and she explained that her immediate boss was making her life extremely difficult and her co-workers were not supportive either. In fact, they were making her daily work life miserable, as this would encourage her to quit her job.

I acknowledged her concern and asked her how she planned to come out of this situation?

She said, “I am a single mother and have a mortgage (loan) and I don’t know what happens next?”

I smiled at her and asked, “Are you planning to resign or fight the situation?”

She did not reply and continued crying.

I told her, “I cannot even say I feel your pain because everyone’s pain is different and only those who encounter it know what it feels like. So, let me share with you what I would do in your situation.”

She smiled and I wiped her tears. I told her there are times in our lives when our back is against the wall and the road ahead seems narrow and dark. The best solution in such scenarios is to take the easy path, which means quit the job, right?

And she nodded at me.

I said, “Wrong, just remember the values that your mother and father shared with you when they raised you up.” Don’t focus on how others around you are taking away your joy today. Rather work with your clients and be of service to them. Say to yourself that your goal is to help your clients do better in life and work to find solutions for them.

I told her, “You must have seen the dark clouds covering the sun but even they cannot stop the sun from rising in all its glory and sharing its energy with all of us.” The universe is kind and larger than our current environment and it will find a way to improve your life through your good deeds.

She smiled and said, “I never expected this solution.”

I said, “Open your mind and heart to the unknown possibility and then, you will find a new door that guides you to a new future.”

She smiled and hugged me and then we parted our own separate ways.


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4 thoughts on “LFL # 22 => Open Your Mind”

  1. Sometimes it is best to focus on the people you can help and interact with positively rather than those causing you strife.

    Cool perspective.


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