LFL # 17 => Power – Road to Success or Failure?

During one of our evening visits to a restaurant, I asked Uncle what was always running on my mind and so, I inquired how he became handicapped?

He looked at me and asked, “Do you really want to know this story?”

I told him that I was curious but I never knew how to ask him in the past.

He explained that as a young teenager, he was strong and tall and thought he was invincible. One day, he had to rush to be at another place and time was not on his side. In his desire to save time, he thought jumping from one tram to another was the best way to solve the problem. Unfortunately, as he made the jump from one tram to another, another stronger man pushed him and he lost his balance, which resulted in his tragedy.

I was shocked and disturbed, which showed up on my face. He explained that as we grow up, at times, we make rash decisions, which we regret for the rest of our life. In a mad rush to accomplish things, we make every attempt to fight against time causing pain and damage to our bodies and mind. Rather, we should take things easy and still achieve our goals that are real and reasonable.

Furthermore, he explained that we project power through physical, financial or position status. But none of this lasts forever and as we go through the cycle of change, power fades and we lose our inner peace till we reach the stage of self-realization. He said winning in life is good and important but not by walking over others using physical, financial or position strength. This approach to life is dangerous, as we always reap what we sow. Instead, we should be thoughtful of others while resolving issues, rather than ask the basic question, “What’s in it for me?” The final outcome of life would not change drastically if we slow down but rather we should cherish the journey so that old age is joyful, fun and healthy.


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