LFL # 33 => What is your motivation?

The rain in India brought both joy and pain but was also a challenge for handicapped individuals including my Uncle who had to navigate the streets using his crutches due to his amputed leg. One day, it was raining heavily but Uncle left for work early, as he had to go to work while I was at home helping Mai (Grandma) in cutting some vegetables. Uncle returned home 30 minutes later and he was completely drenched and in great pain. I asked him, “What happened?”

He replied that as he was traversing the treacherous road this morning with his crutches, he slipped and fell down on the road. He had to turn back, as he was in pain and wanted to change his clothes. I felt terrible and helpless. He looked at me and said, “Just get me the hot water bag and apply some ointment for me. I will be fine, don’t worry.”

Then, he explained that the rubber end at the base of the crutch had created this mess and he had fallen several times in the past. He looked at me and said, “Don’t feel bad as I am used to this, so please don’t sympathize. There are others like you who have felt bad but in reality, that will do no good to me.”

I asked him, “Why are you working so hard? Why don’t you stay home during heavy rains?”

He replied, “Life is full of challenges and surprises and excuses are available in abundance, however, one should not give up in such instances. You can let the situation control you or you take a measured approach to life and rise above it.  In fact these situations motivate me to wake every morning and live my life to the fullest. Its okay to fall down but one must not give up so easily and be resilient. Don’t let either physical or mental obstacles redefine your path but rather push forward using your knowledge and wisdom, which are your strengths. There are times in our lives when people and situations compel us to find the alternate (quicker) path, which can drive us away from our goals. The difficult path might not show us immediate results but time and patience are our best friends, as they show us a new world of opportunity.”

He looked and me said, “Going to work everyday and engaging in social activities like producing and directing dramas is my motivation to life. What is yours?”


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