LFL # 3 -> Invest Time, Not Money In Your Child

IMG-20180107-WA0009In the early 2000’s, I used to work for a Life insurance company managing regional banks who were promoting Bancassurance. I met an individual of my age asking me, “What is the best investment product?” Since I knew him well, I took the liberty of asking him questions.
I asked him, “What type of investment products were of interest to you?”
“Stocks and Mutual Funds”, pat came the reply.
I said,”That was quick.”
He was confident and told me that he wanted to leave enough assets for his children so that money would never be an issue.
I looked at him with so many questions in my eyes.
He said,” What now?”
I asked him,” How much time have you invested in your children?”
He replied,” Not much. Every day, life is a challenge at work and I can only do so much with long work hours and travel time. I just want to make the money.”
I told him,”That’s great, but it’s not enough.”
His first reaction was one of anger and despair, as he felt that he was doing a fabulous job for his family.
“How will that benefit your children?” I asked.
”Well, they can use it till it lasts.”
I asked him, “What about sharing your knowledge with them, have you spent time teaching them the ropes of life?”
The best investment is preparing your child by sharing your unique skill sets or introducing them to new ones, which are more crucial as they are transferable and it would help them in eliminating bad choices. This will help them survive and manage the unknowns. Most of all, engaging them in conversations on a range of topics helps them in looking at life with a different lens.
Agreed that you cannot train them for everything and with education -> titles and designation will follow, but teaching by example how to be a good human being would be the most important investment of all.

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