LFL # 19 => Expand your horizon

One evening, Uncle and I were out visiting one of his stage actors. His amputed leg was hurting but his meeting was urgent and so, I decided to accompany him. On our way, I asked him why he did not switch to artificial limbs, as that would make it easier for him to walk. He was in excruciating pain but he looked at me and smiled.

He said that several others suggested him to do the same but he would prefer using crutches. My first impression was that he was stubborn and adamant and I did not want to add more to his pain. We finished our visit and he was feeling better. So, I took the liberty of making the assumption and said that he should take my suggestion and change to artificial limbs.

He replied, “Godfrey, I made every attempt to use it and it was a tough process.” Then, he took a deep breath and explained that crutches actually were his best choice. It gave him the ability to move faster and cover distances and walk across railway bridges with ease. It also kept him physically active and then, he added that every story has two sides. He has fallen down several times, as the rubber at the base of the crutch was slippery and he had to be careful every step of the way. However, when he weighed the risk and reward, he drew the conclusion that crutches actually gave him the elevation to aim higher and make him feel complete.

Finally, he told me that as humans, we get strangled in our limitations, those that can be physical and/or mental. We are more often than not influenced by the people and norms of society that draw us away from our goals. In order to break through these shackles, we must think and act differently and believe in our values. This will help us negate both individuals and situations that hinder us from true progress.


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