Growing Sprouts


Bean sprouts are sprouts that come from beans, and they provide lots of health benefits, like boosting immunity. They are an easy way to boost the nutrients in your diet and they are also low in calorie. You can toss them onto your salad, use them in a sandwich or add them to soups and casseroles, and by doing so you’ll quickly increase the amount of protein, B vitamins and vitamin C.

As a kid, I watched my mom and neighbours effortlessly growing sprouts at home. Later in school during biology class, I learnt about the interesting facts of plants, how they grow and feed our Universe. I still remember my first attempt at sprouting red beans. I was in grade 9 at that time. I soaked the entire bag of red bean which my mom had just bought not knowing that soaked beans increase in quantity. Well, we ended up eating that for 2 whole days as we could not afford to waste it. That was my first learnings -> sprouts little at a time until I get the exact measurement.

Later as I grew up, I learnt why my mom used to sprout at home which was so true and those reasons were:

  1. It was cheaper to sprout at home then buy from a vendor and
  2. We can ensure which water was being utilized for sprouting.

At present, due to our fast-paced life, we end up buying readymade sprouts from stores. Another thing that surprised me was the lack of awareness especially in the new generation of how to sprout veggies.  Further, the stores do not carry all types of sprouts.

So here you go with an easy way of sprouting different items listed below

  1. Grow Organic Methi (Fenugreek) sprouts in-house
  2. Mung sprouts

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