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LFL # 7 -> Life In A BOX

Life in a Box -2

Our life begins in the mother’s womb and then, we are out in the hospital (box). We move to the cradle or the bed and we are introduced to another box. We grow up and start going to school (box). Life progresses and we travel by bus, car or trains (boxes of all various sizes). We reach our place of work and are caught up again in another physical box. We use the computers to do our work and then, these days, we are either stuck on a phone, play box or a laptop (boxes). Finally, when we end our last breath, we land in a box.

In the good old days, before we progressed as a society, we had open environments, creativity was natural and without gadgets, but we never heard the statement, “Think outside the box.” Can you think why?

Now, we are stuck in a box from birth till death but all we hear is, “Think outside the box.” If we look at ourselves and our children and grandchildren, they are either caught in smart phones, tablets and laptops playing games, messaging or watching movies either on Netflix or through some online mechanism. So much so, that children complain to parents, “Can you leave WhatsApp, we need some food to eat now?”

Where are we going next? There is a disconnect between modern day thinking (think outside the box) and our current lifestyle (living inside the box).

What is the objective of modern day technology?

  • Tie our thought process inside a box
  • Strong addictions = profitable companies
  • Controlled behavior and managed outcomes

In the end, will we as a society, fight this disease and embrace creativity and allow it to explore naturally to its full potential?


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2 thoughts on “LFL # 7 -> Life In A BOX”

  1. You are absolutely correct. Technology is helpful, but can also be dangerous.
    The “think outside the box” and the comparison of almost everything in our lives to a box was intriguing. It works.

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