LFL # 6 ->Make A Smart Choice And Save Lives


LLF - 6


My younger daughter and I were out on one of our dinner dates a couple of weekends ago. A young couple joined us a few tables away with a little infant. We finished our dinner and left the restaurant an hour later. While returning on our way home, we were having a hearty conversation about her school and my work and suddenly, she paused.

I asked her, “What happened?”

She told me, “Did you notice what happened next to our table?”

I responded, “There was a young couple with an infant and they seemed to be having a good time.”

She replied, “No, that’s not the point. Didn’t you notice that both the adults ordered alcohol and they would be driving home later?”

I looked at her with a question.

“I saw the car keys,” she replied. “That was not right, isn’t it?”

I agreed and asked her, “What would you have done in such a situation?”

“Either my husband or I would drink but never the two of us at the same time.” She added further, “Life is precious and how is it fair to risk not just our lives, but also the lives around us?”

I said to her, “People always say ‘Enjoy the moment’ when we are out at a restaurant or at a party. A couple of drinks would do no harm and who cares about tomorrow. What do you think of that statement?”

She replied, “Yes, life will give you abundant opportunities to have fun and relish the moment. One must always measure the risks and loss, especially life. If not anything else, one should make some decent choices in life to neutralize the risk, isn’t it? Well, if you love somebody, would you not look out for him or her after all?”


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