Summers’ Rock

I have always been fascinated with how different drinks especially cocktails are created. Some are made from existing recipes while others happen accidentally. For those with recipes, at times it is a challenge to find the exact ingredients mentioned in them and using a replacement would change the flavor.

Today I was in a mood for a cocktail and was lazy to find a recipe online. So I thought lets get creative in the bar and I surprised my spouse.

Here is my receipe made out of only three ingredients – cherry brandy, ginger wine and lemon.


  • 1 shot cherry brandy
  • 2 shot of ginger wine*
  • Lemon rings
  • Ice as required


1. In a shaker combine cherry brandy, ginger wine and ice;

2. Shake the mixture thoroughly and pour it in a glass;

3. Serve it with lemon rings and ice.



  1. You can used chilled ginger wine. I prefer mine at room temperature.
  2. You can add lemon pieces and ice while serving.

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